1. I read your story after I held onto it for a while, readying myself to take it in…
    Once I read it, I realized how helpful this will be, not just for so any others to read, but more importantly for the doctors and caregivers to read.
    Your interjections and expression are so succinct, that to read it you are able to pull the reader right inside, allowing them to understand how you felt and why you made the decisions that you made.
    I take into account our close relationship, but I feel anyone who might read this will recognize themselves in much of what you went through and gain hope that their recovery will be as successful as yours.
    When you sent it to me I know I said I wasn’t ready to read it, but I’m glad that I did because you ‘normalize’ a very surreal situation which helps make it bearable. I’m certain it will be helpful to many others.

    Callie Maister

  2. very inspirational, agree +ve mental status is important as well as conventional medicine in advanced stages. God bless. Question – How much do you think western diet, food additives affect this problem, and do you have experience regarding going Raw / vegan and how it affects?

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